Medicaid Filing Services for New Jersey and Pennsylvania Seniors

About Us



At Kludze & Associates, we have long held seniors in high regard and thought they have earned the right to live their last years with dignity and respect. Far too often we encounter seniors who have or will run out of money needed for their care and their families are overwhelmed with the process of obtaining government assistance. 

That is why we has dedicated over a decade to helping families obtain Medicaid benefits for seniors in assisted living facilities or nursing homes.  Our goal is to ease the fears and concerns of families challenged with simultaneously caring for their loved one while managing their own lives.


Our Approach

Kludze & Associates works in conjunction with legal counsel to carry out various asset protection strategies for Medicaid eligibility.  We will expertly navigate the application process on your behalf, while keeping you completely abreast of the status of the application.


Why Us?


We have a high success rate in obtaining Medicaid benefits for seniors needing assisted living or nursing home care.  By having us file the Medicaid application on your behalf, you are free to handle other demanding areas involved in caring for your loved one.